Purpose: To incentivize cross pollination between makerspaces and make a wider range of capabilities available to those who regularly need access to more than what one space can provide.

Qualification: Any individual who maintains a full active membership at a participating makerspace may apply for a discounted membership at a secondary makerspace. Full membership must already be established at a the home or primary makerspace. The closest participating makerspaces within a 15 mile radius of the individual's home is automatically the primary space. If there is no participating space within 15 miles the individual may identify the home or primary space.

Dues: The add on fee for the secondary membership is $25 per month or half the secondary space’s regular dues (whichever is greater). This additional fee is due to the secondary host space and carries all the privileges and responsibilities of standard membership. The multi-member must provide the contact for a staff member or leadership at their “home” makerspace who is able to verify their existing membership. If the muli-member drops membership at the primary space they must inform the secondary space and start paying full dues.

Benefits: Mulit-members members must go through the orientation and any tool qualification process at the secondary host space requires, even if they have gone through something similar at their home makerspace.

Limitations: This program is completely voluntary on the part of each participating makerspace. There is no guarantee that any individual applying for a multi membership will be approved.

Maker Multi-pass Participation