Maker Exchange

Each makerspace has its strengths. We want to ensure makers don't hit a dead end with their projects because of lack of access to equipment. The goal of having Guest Makers is to enable incredible projects to happen across spaces.

What: Staff or leadership can request access to another space on behalf of a member.

Purpose: To enable limited time access to capabilities a member needs to complete a specific project which can not be completed at their home makerspace.


  • Spaces will identify notable capabilities.
  • Any staff of a member makerspace may request access on behalf of a member to another space for the benefit of a project that could not be completed in their home space.
  • This request must be made from staff or leadership of the home makerspace via email and describe the project, tools required and estimated time needed for their member to complete the project.
  • The space receiving the request (host space) will accept or deny the request.
  • The hosting space may only allow access during pre-arranged hours and may choose to add additional conditions as they see fit. Conditions may include: only allowing use of specific machines, requiring supervision, or imposing a reasonable usage fee.
  • The guest will be required to sign the waiver and any other paperwork as required by the host space to gain access.

Intellectual Property: Participating spaces agree that the organization will not obtain any intellectual property rights as a result of Guest completing part of their project in the host space.

Voluntary Program: This program is completely voluntary, meaning a space can deny a request at any time for any reason. However it is a shared understanding that a reasonable effort will be made to fulfill requests.


Maker Exchange Participation